still making cookies

still making cookies


So…I intend to figure this blog site out eventually…

I can’t seem to figure out how to post pictures and links and text and everything all together which is why it is taking me 5 posts just to get my point across.

Today was the HERF (home educator resource fair) sale at MHSAP. I went in without much of a plan which is fine since I have already ordered my math curriculum for the next 5 or 6 years, and we tend to be relaxed, eclectic homeschoolers with a healthy dose of unschooling thrown in. My main focus for the sale was to find a some art activity and science experiment books. I did good with the science, but the art area wasn’t as great as it was last year. No big deal, that’s why we have Pinterest, right? I also got a great pile of freebies which makes me exceptionally happy. Thanks to all the generous families that chose to gift their curriculum to someone else (me).

Beyond that, I sold our dresser on Craigslist for $20. At the rate I’m going, it’ll take me YEARS to pay for the inspections at closing on July 12th. LOL! All is well…Jonathan was called in to work this afternoon and also tomorrow morning. He’s not real happy, this means he doesn’t have a day off this week, but it does mean we will be that much further ahead on closing day which is what is really important.

Since my husband was called in to work, I told the boys we needed to clean up the house since it was only fair…Daddy had to work and so should we. I promised them cookies as previously mentioned, but they’ve fallen asleep in the living room, so maybe tomorrow.

I am on a quest

to eat more foods at home instead of spending money to go out to eat. Supper tonight consisted of (taco Frito salad) and just tacos for the remainder of my family. I also told the boys that I would make them (peanut butter cookies) if they helped me clean the house, which they did, so that will be my next endeavor for tonight.