Garage Sale and other happenings for 5/29/13

For some reason, whenever I have a garage sale, regardless of the fact that I live in a busy neighborhood in Marion, I never have good luck.  Last Wednesday and Thursday, Rachel Clayton and I had a garage sale at my house, and over 2 days I made a whopping $29.00.  We tried again today, Wednesday, and after sitting in my driveway all day, my grand total was $29.50.  Whoop-de-doo!  On top of this, my goal was to get rid of piles of stuff since we are moving in less than 2 months.  My neighbors, however, decided that today would be a great day to clean out their garage and put everything for free on the curb…needless to say…many trips later, I have acquired a new lawn swing, Power Wheels, play tool bench, and many ride on and various toys.  Thanks, husband and children! 

I have been unsuccessful at packing any boxes today, I haven’t even packed away my garage sale stuff which will make my husband none too pleased when he arrives home from work tonight and finds his garage still set up for a garage sale. 

Well, this was random, but I am done for now.


Why the new blog…

As you may know, I have been blogging as Cedar Rapids Couponer and a little bit as Mills Excellence Academy.  I had some problems with my previous blog host and decided to start anew.  This blog is titled just “tonyarn” because it encompasses all that is me.  I will be copying over my Cedar Rapids Couponer posts for sure in the near future.